Wedding Fun Facts: Tossing the Bouquet

Posted on August 8, 2018

Wedding Fun Facts: Tossing the Bouquet

When it comes to your wedding day, there are countless details that go into ensuring that everything turns out perfectly. From waiting to see the bride to carrying something borrowed and something blue, wedding rituals are nothing new. But have you ever stopped and wondered why some wedding traditions are the way they are?

Tossing the bouquet is one of the most common wedding traditions practiced throughout history. After being married, brides will often throw their wedding bouquets to single female guests and bridesmaids in order to determine who will be the next to get married. While this activity can be a fun gesture for guests, the origin of the tradition was quite different.

Tossing the bouquet became popular in England hundreds of years ago when people believed that keeping a piece of the bride’s dress was considered good luck. After the wedding, guests would often chase after the bride for a piece of it, tearing her gown apart. In an attempt to distract guests and avoid ruining the wedding dress, brides began tossing their bouquet of flowers as a distraction.

While the tossing the of the bouquet was once more of a common tradition, it is much less popular today among bridal parties.