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Saying “I Do” to Midweek Weddings: The Hidden Perks

Why we love midweek weddings and why you should consider hosting one too!

In the world of wedding planning, Saturdays have long been hailed as the prime day for tying the knot. However, a new trend is emerging, and couples are discovering the hidden gems of midweek weddings. If you’re contemplating the perfect day for your celebration, consider the advantages of hosting a midweek wedding.

In this post, we’ll explore the all of the benefits that make midweek weddings an increasingly popular choice for couples seeking a unique and memorable experience.

So who hosts midweek weddings and why? Here’s the inside scoop revealed!

Specific Dates: Sometimes it’s a special anniversary like a first date or engagement date or grandparent’s anniversary or loved one’s birthday that has passed. Some cultures have auspicious dates that are more preferred. If it lands in midweek–don’t rule it out!

Venue Availability & Flexibility: Midweek weddings often provide greater availability and flexibility when it comes to securing your dream venue. Popular venues tend to book up quickly on weekends, but you may find more open dates and favorable pricing options for a Wednesday celebration.

Cost Savings: Hosting your wedding on a Wednesday can be a savvy financial move. Many vendors offer midweek discounts, allowing you to allocate your budget more efficiently. From venue rental fees to catering costs, you might find that your dream wedding is more affordable on a weekday.

Travel and Accommodations: Midweek weddings can be more convenient for out-of-town guests. Flights and accommodations are often more affordable midweek, making it easier for loved ones to attend and share in your joy.

Extended Celebration: While weekend weddings are limited to a day or a weekend, a midweek celebration allows for an extended wedding experience. You can plan pre-wedding activities, post-wedding brunches, and more, turning your special day into a week-long celebration.

Local Couples: If the venue is within a short drive from their home guests can attend the wedding and drive home after—or just spend one night without a multi-night stay required by the hotel (example: Friday-Saturday). Hotels usually offer lower pricing Monday-Thursday too!

Short Engagement: Some couples don’t want to wait. They want to start family planning, travel, buy a home, or have lots of weddings in the next year. They prefer a short planning window as it helps to make decisions faster. While the average length of engagements is 16 months—this is the average—some couples are engaged for 30 days and some for 10yrs—there is no timeline on your personal planning.

Vendor Availability: Securing your preferred vendors is often easier during the middle of the week. If the most important thing is a specific photographer, videographer, band or DJ and they only have certain dates open you may choose your venue and wedding date around their schedule. From photographers to florists, you’ll likely have more options and a better chance of booking your first choices for all the essential wedding services.

Unique Experiences: Some packages are only offered midweek and for smaller guest counts. At Regatta Place in Newport, RI the Schooner Aurora is a 68-passenger antique sailing yacht and can be used for a special ceremony at sea followed by dockside reception with dinner and dancing. At OceanCliff Hotel, we offer a Snowflake Winter Wedding Package that includes a complimentary ceremony, discounted guest rooms and more!

Guest Counts: It’s a great way to cut the list. The people that matter the most will always attend. We mostly see 10-20% drop off from invited to actual guest attendance. 

Work Schedules: Lots of people don’t have Monday-Friday 9-5 schedules like wedding pros, hospitality pros, service providers so midweek works for them and their friends so they can work the weekends!

Final Piece of Advice—don’t rule out a venue because you think it’s outside of your budget. Reach out to your dream venue and tell them your guest count and budget then ask which options are best for you. They may guide you to a different season or day of the week or suggest a lower priced menu/bar combination. It’s also a good idea to start a conversation about what’s really important to you as a couple and as a family before you start your venue search. Firm up the budget and guest count and then determine how flexible you can be overall. Starting off with a wedding planner can also be a smart way to maximize your time and budget as they work with so many venues for local and destination planning.

Conclusion: As you embark on the journey of wedding planning, don’t overlook the advantages of hosting your celebration during the week. From cost savings to a more intimate atmosphere, a midweek wedding can offer a unique and memorable experience for both you and your guests.

To learn more about the advantages of hosting a midweek wedding, check out this podcast from Sara Zarella, of Sara Zarella Photography and our very own Susanne Day, Sales Manager with The Newport Experience.