Code of Conduct

Goat Island Marina strives to provide the highest level of service to all Marina users. The Terms of Agreement and Code of Conduct are set in place to protect the rights of marina tenants, guests, and visitors to enjoy a safe and inviting environment conducive to the use and enjoyment of Goat Island Marina.

The following list of activities associated with the use of the Marina are specifically prohibited at all of the Marina facilities, including all lands, structures, docks and other amenities:‚Äč

  1. Violating any federal, state, city, Marina Terms of Agreement or Code of Conduct, or city ordinance. Suspected illegal activity will be reported to the police immediately.
  2. Disruptive, unsafe, or threatening behavior affecting Marina tenants, staff, guests, and visitors.
  3. Children under twelve (12) years of age are not permitted on the docks at any time without parents and/or responsible adults. Non-swimmers and toddlers must wear life jackets when on the dock or slip.
  4. Using alcohol or illegal substances on Marina infrastructure, including lands, docks, and the like.
  5. Lessee shall be responsible for all pets brought onto the Marina premises by themselves, crew, guests, or invitees. All pets shall be leashed when on Marina property. Pet owners are responsible to clean up any waste left by their pets.
  6. Lessee and its invitees shall observe and obey all posted signs, fences and barricades prohibiting entry upon restricted areas or governing the activities and demeanor of the Lessee and invitees while at the Marina.
  7. No fireworks, open flames, flammable paint remover, or paint burners will be used at any time, for any purpose, in and around the Marina facilities. This includes all types of barbecue or grilling equipment.
  8. Performing personal hygiene or laundering of clothes outdoors at Marina facilities.
  9. Fishing from docks, riding bikes, skateboards, electric scooters and the like are prohibited on all docks and piers.
  10. No swimming, water skiing, scuba diving, floating on inflatable or other devices, and any similar activity is strictly prohibited within the Marina.
  11. The carts provided by the Marina must be promptly returned to their storage area immediately after use.
  12. Overnight parking without a Marina parking pass will result in being towed at owner’s expense.
  13. Living in, and/or sleeping in cars, trailers, RV’s or other vehicles in Marina facilities is prohibited.
  14. No storage of recreational vehicles, travel or boat trailers, or other personal property in parking areas.

Depending on the nature, seriousness, or reoccurrence of the offense(s), violation of the rules may result in termination of lease without refund, expulsion for the Marina, and/or staff may contact law enforcement. If found in violation of the Terms of Agreement or the Code of Conduct, Lessee and/or invitee may receive a written Notice of Lease Termination and/or Notice of Trespass.